Following The Flow pt 1

I’m a functional nutritional therapy practitioner that specializes in women’s health…. Particularly, hormonal and menstrual health. My ideal client is the millennial aged woman who is feeling out of balance within her body and is looking to feel more like herself again. She is either coming off of hormonal birth control or wants to get […]

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Hypothyroidism… Do you have it?

Women are 5-8x more likely to experience thyroid issues. Hypothyroidism is a frustrating condition that causes fatigue, weight gain, irregular periods, low libido, and other frustrating symptoms. Here’s how to get a proper diagnosis.

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Stress & Hormones

Stress and hormonal health can be thought of as a seesaw. When one goes up (stress), the other goes down (hormones).  Stress is your body’s response to a physical demand. It can be a feeling of emotional or physical tension. While some stress is necessary in order to help us adapt and grow. Continuous stress […]

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