Follow Your Flow Pt. 2

Before you dive into part 2, I suggest going back and checking out part 1.

Let’s recap: Following your flow means listening to your internal cues of when you need to relax, retreat, and recharge. This could be due to an imbalance in masculine and feminine energy, an overdrive of productivity, or simply being involved in something you are no longer aligned with. All of which, can leave you in burnout.

I gave some tips as to how to get back into balance in part 1. Today, let’s talk about the extra step that women can take to make sure they are living in harmony with their flow….. literally.

The menstrual cycle is a gift. Most women are taught that it is the worst part about being a woman. It’s looked at as a burden, something to hide, and something to simply get rid of with things like hormonal birth control.

However, those people preaching this message have got it all wrong. When the menstrual cycle is healed, it can be used in your favor. You can literally plan your life according to these waves of hormones to enhance your productivity and stay in alignment all month long. But, if you’re experiencing PMS, mood swings, cramping, or other unwanted symptoms you definitely want to heal the root cause (feel free to schedule a call to get that working in your favor).

Let’s start with the basics.

A menstrual cycle of a woman has 4 phases. These phases only occur when you are not on hormonal birth control because use of these contraceptives do not allow for ovulation. Instead you are left with a steady state release of synthetic progesterone and estrogen. You can still follow these tips if you are on hormonal birth control, but keep in mind it’s not the same.

The four phases= menstruation, follicular, ovulation, luteal.

Fun facts about the phases and how to use them in your favor:

Menstruation: This is the start of your period until the end of bleeding. The menstruation phase gives us great insights to what we did the month prior. We can literally see and feel if we have had too much stress, sugar, alcohol, or if we were in alignment because our flow and symptoms will change month to month to tell us. During this time it’s a time to reflect and release anything from the previous month that is no longer serving you. This is also a magical time to brainstorm for the future. Your brain hemispheres have higher connectivity, allowing for extra brain power! Don’t over do any work. This is a time to be gentle with yourself.

Follicular: This phase goes from menstruation to ovulation (roughly 2 weeks depending on each person). Here you will have an increase in estrogen. This increase results in more energy! This increase in energy allows for you to get more done and execute anything you were thinking about during menstruation. You will also most likely feel more called to connect with others. Definitely use this as a time to hangout with friends and network. But, be careful. It’s easy to over do it during this phase due to the increase of energy. Use your scheduler as much as possible to keep yourself in check!

Ovulation: The only window of opportunity to get pregnant. Yup, contrary to sex ed in high school, you cannot get pregnant every day of the month. Ovulation is about 24-48 hours and is when the egg gets released. Use caution during this time if you are trying to avoid pregnancy. It’s also a good idea to use protection for 5-7 days after ovulation (and during) because of a cervical mucous that gets released. This mucous can keep sperm alive and can allow for fertilization of the egg. Ovulation is the peak of energy and a time when your confidence will be booming! Use this as the time to do a presentation, pitch your work idea, or ask that person out that you keep seeing at the coffee shop 😉

Luteal: After ovulation you get a dip in estrogen and an increase in progesterone. This can lead to a little less energy then the first half of your cycle. The luteal phase isn’t bad though! You will feel more called inward, meaning you can begin the reflection process of everything that went down the first half of the cycle. This is a great time to create, research, and work on the technical side of your business. You may expereince more cravings during this time because your metabolism increases. Make sure to have plenty of protein and healthy fats to assist in your body prepping for menstruation.

Pretty cool right?

I LOVE teaching women about this topic because they immediately feel more empowered in their skin. When I started applying this information on myself I was able to feel like I had this little secret that no one knew that was making me Wonder Woman!

Start applying this on yourself today! Download a period tracking app to help you get started 🙂

If this is something you are interested in learning about, make sure to pop on the waitlist for my online course “Feminine Vitality” that dives deeper into the menstrual cycle and how to repair your period.

With gratitude- Shannon

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