Following The Flow pt 1

I’m a functional nutritional therapy practitioner that specializes in women’s health…. Particularly, hormonal and menstrual health. My ideal client is the millennial aged woman who is feeling out of balance within her body and is looking to feel more like herself again. She is either coming off of hormonal birth control or wants to get off of the pill soon to better learn about what her body naturally needs.

I love it. I get to teach women about this super power that we all have when we are in menstrual age that is overlooked. The menstrual cycle.

Seriously, it’s a super power.

I know that typically the menstrual cycle is looked at as something dirty, shameful, painful, and the “worst part about being a woman” but it’s actually not.

I’ll debunk some myths a little later about your cycle and dive deeper into what living in harmony with your cycle looks like. But, for now, I want to chat about living in harmony with your feminine energy (often referred to as your FLOW state).

I just got off a call with a new client of mine who I’m actually helping with business development. While I’ve been a growing business owner officially for a year and 2 months, I have never actually coached someone through the process.

So far it’s been a major confidence boost and a great way for me to flex muscle I didn’t know I had!

In our conversation we were talking about content creation, coming up with email topics, blog topics, and what the heck to say on social media.

She was talking about those mental blocks that often happen in the creation phase…. Describing how she was sitting there trying to come up with something incredible and blanked.

I smiled and said… that’s what I’m going through right this very second, it happens to all of us!

We then talked about how when you are in that creative headspace to really USE it, go with it, let things organically come to you, write down ideas, and CREATE.

For me, right in this moment, I haven’t had that creative spark that I normally do.

I’m naturally a creative person (I almost was a graphic design artist) but, when I am overloaded with masculine energy of DO, DO, DO, my feminine energy of creative flow shuts down.

Can you relate?

This month has been a true gift. I have hit the accelerator on my business and find myself supporting over 20 people through their journey in some sort of capacity (whether it’s nutrition, my 5 week course, or personal training). Add the corporate wellness talks I give at least 1x/ month, and the other incredible ways I get to connect with people online and it adds up to a lot of space holding. Oh, and the 2x/day trips to the barn for my horses holistic treatments that we are currently on week 6 of!

I’m so grateful for it.

The only issue is my natural inclination with work. I have been programmed to be a workhorse. Meaning, I’ll do whatever it takes, even if that means not taking care of myself.

Looking back on my life pre-pandemic I had an unhealthy relationship with work. I’d put that as a priority before anything. If a client needed to reschedule last minute I’d offer my lunch break, stay an hour later, go an hour earlier… often to be met with another late cancel leaving me drained physically. I would sometimes go 7 hours straight working with personal training clients, on my feet, running to and from the next.

Not to mention the friends I wouldn’t be able to see, the exercise sessions for my horse, or even the basics of being able to watch an evening show with my boyfriend.

It’s no wonder that when I got the chance to slow down I started to uncover the masked health issues I had. I finally had to FEEL what was going & my body slipped into the hypothyroid issues I discussed in a previous blog.

Just the other day I had a day similar to my pre-pandemic work day and realized WOW. While I love all my clients I was definitely locked into fight or flight mode feeling like I was running on fumes. 100% in masculine energy.

It was a great reminder.

That life is not sustainable & one that is more in alignment with my needs is.

One that allows me freedom. Allows me be in my creative flow. One that prioritizes my basic needs of eating lunch as a priority. A life that allows me to tap into my feminine energy, while also dipping into masculine energy when necessary for overall balance.

The incredible reward of this January is seeing the growth of turning that dream into a reality. Having a schedule mixed with incredible women who I support on their health journey, conversations with corporations, a community I have built, and that inspiration that comes from it all!

I’ll get to that goal eventually, but in the meantime today I’m focusing on bringing more of that feminine energy into my life. Here’s what that looks like for me:

A slow morning (I actually slept in until 7:30 Sunday, thanks to the dark fog outside) before heading to the barn

Enjoying a cup of King Coffee on my way to the barn (this coffee has been a key in my health journey)

Coming home and enjoying some of my favorite things:

Some juicy journaling accompanied by crystals, and sage

Burning candles

Wearing my leopard print joggers


Pulling an oracle card (I find myself continuously pulling the same card. The message today was essentially that things are about to get uncomfortable but trust your instinct, even if it goes against what is “safe” or “logical” by society standards).

Cup= filled 🙂

I have a little work to do this AM but for the most part I’m going to indulge in relaxation and recharge my battery so I can come back even better than before! (update: I took a juicy hour long nap and went to bed that evening at 8pm… wow, did I need rest or what!?!?!)

As for the week ahead I’m blocking off my schedule to allow for some space to focus on the bigger picture. I know I won’t actually get anywhere if I fill my days with busy work that doesn’t include the end goal of being a full time entrepreneur.

Easier said then done, but why not give it a try?

How do you tap into your feminine energy and recharge? Leave me a comment!

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