Health Update & My Fav Things!

Hey y’all! I have not posted since my hypothyroid issues back in the summer. I was super focused on my healing journey and didn’t want to add another thing on my to-do list. Although I love writing and connecting with other individuals, making sure I don’t overload myself has become a new priority.

So, I want to be sure to give you an update and share with you my visions for this blog.

Dealing with that “health hiccup” (careful about the language that you use about your health. A hiccup has less wight then the word “scare” for example) of mine was a struggle.

I was under the care of a naturopath doctor/ chiropractor that specializes in hormonal and neurological health. He helped me get my body out of fight or flight, heal my gut, further balance blood sugar, uncover food sensitivities that I never had before, and utilized a variety of treatments to get me back in action!

My body was highly inflamed. I had inflammation on my liver making it hard to convert T4 to T3 causing me to have all of the classic signs and symptoms of hypothyroid. We did a detox protocol that made my symptoms worse because my body was having issues detoxifying/ digesting. Also, turns out, I have a mild sensitivity to pea’s which was the base of the shakes I was consuming during this particular detox.

During my health hiccup (left) Now (Right)

We also discovered that my body was now sensitive to seafood…. which, made up majority of my Pescatarian diet for over 15 years!!! On the lab work it was a mild sensitivity but if I ate seafood my stomach would become so bloated that it wasn’t worth it.

So, I made a lot of changes. The biggest one was eating meat again. I was taking a customized protocol of supplements, decreasing alcohol consumption (I’m not a big drinker anyway so this was easy), and bringing more intentionality into my day to not overwhelm or get into fight or flight.

It’s been a journey.

I’ll go days or week where I feel completely myself again, and other days where I regress with difficulty digesting and feelings of fatigue. It’s nearly impossible to eat out because I never know what’s going to trigger these issues. But, it’s all a work in progress 🙂

Aside from journaling, grounding work, riding my horse, limiting high intensity exercise, hydrating, and eating real whole foods, here are 3 things I love to keep my health in alignment:

King Coffee: This coffee is combined with reishi mushroom spores. Reishi mushroom is a powerful adaptogenic that decreases inflammation, can improve gut health, is anti-parasitic, can help with hormonal balance, improves cellular function, and is helpful for overall internal support during stress. The spore’s make these properties roughly 80x more potent… meaning it’s packed with a bang! Plus there are none of the negative side effects of caffeine. So, you can have one of these at 5pm and sleep like a baby by bed time. It also won’t disrupt your hormones like regular coffee does. Grab yourself some here.

Coffee enemas: On the topic of coffee, this is a tool that has helped me tremendously with detoxification. Coffee enemas have been around for centuries. They essentially clean the colon while allowing the liver to dump glutathione, a powerful antioxidant. I currently do a coffee enema 1x/ week for maintenance. When I have an “episode” of inflammation I’ll do about 2-3 to help support my body. The kit I use is here.

Sauna’s: I love a good sauna! This is a fantastic tool to get you sweating, further aiding in your detoxification process. I typically only recommend about 20 minutes. Make sure to stay hydrated before, after, and during with water plus electrolytes! I personally use one at a gym studio that is safe and sanitary during this time, BUT you can purchase some at home sauna’s online!

I could dive so much deeper regarding all the tools I use to keep myself in alignment but wouldn’t want you sitting here reading on your screen for hours, so I’ll stop there 😉

The future of this blog:

My words for the year are IMPACT and EXPANSION. I recognize how many people need support in their health and how valuable the work I do is. The hardest thing to do these days is provide information without worrying about being “shadow banned” on Instagram, which is the primary social media platform I use for my business. So, I am branching out! I’ve been posting on Tik Tok (come follow me @healthwithshannon) and intend to use this blog more as a way to connect with others and fulfill my mission of impact/ expansion!

Expect some short and sweet blogs, accompanied by some more elaborate writings, to help you on your healing journey! I’ll also be sharing some incredible information I have been learning (I’m currently into the Vagus Nerve and Mitochondria health) as a way to test myself & let it sink into my brain.

So, make sure to follow along!!

xo, Shannon Dolan

One thought on “Health Update & My Fav Things!

  1. Dear Shannon , So glad you are feeling better and the picture surely does reflect a brighter you. As you find new ways to deal with new discoveries , that word … balance … pops up in my head. The phrase “grounding work” plus those other lovely things like riding Scotty have always been important to you. You know from experience that too much of anything causes distress. The work we do, how we live, the ways we communicate, even the words we use all have an impact on ourselves and others. All your efforts to stay centered and peaceful will spill over and impact those who receive your blog. My prayer for you and your clients is for health and healing . Speaking of health we are getting the vaccine the first week in Feb., second in March. Stay safe and be well. Much Love, Nanny



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