Hypothyroidism… Do you have it?

You know the saying, “health is not linear,” It’s never been so true as it is now.

Photo by energepic.com on Pexels.com

I have been on an intense health journey the last 2 months. It has been filled with a lot of frustration, emotions, discovery, and confusion…

It all started in the beginning of the year when something just felt “off” about me.

I was more fatigued, gaining weight (even though my nutrition and fitness programs were solid), and feeling like a dulled version of my spark filled self.

So, I went and got help from a naturopath doctor a friend of mine recommended to help me find answers.

After an hour consultation he sent me on my way to get blood work done.

Turns out, my thyroid was low functioning and my body had high levels of inflammation.

I know what you’re thinking, “Shannon, aren’t you the hormone expert? How can this happen to you!?”. The answer- Stress, long term effects of hormonal birth control, and being a women!

Women are 5-8x more likely to experience a thyroid dysfunction.

Yup, even me, the one who has her regular mindset routines, eats all the good for you foods, and has health as her priority can fall into this trap of overwhelm…. I am a new business owner and 2020 hasn’t exactly been the easiest year!

After I put this on my Instagram friends reached out to me saying, “that post got me thinking…” and explaining how they are feeling empowered to go find help/ asking questions as to where to start.

Here’s what to do!

First, find a functional medicine doctor that will listen to ALL of your symptoms, get to know what is going on with YOU, and order a full blood panel (more on that in a sec).

This is necessary because traditional medicine doctors are trained to only talk with patients for about 10 minutes, judge your blood work against standard ranges, and even if you are experiencing all of the symptoms of an under functioning thyroid will send you on your way with an antidepressant or zero answers.

It’s a harsh reality, but 90% of those diagnosed with autoimmune disease are women, and women are more likely to be labeled as “chronic complainers” for symptoms that go unaddressed.

Symptoms to look out for:

Brain fog


Irregular periods

Weight gain

Dry flaky skin

Low libido

Feeling lack luster

Once you find the right doctor make sure that on your blood panel there are these tests:

T3 (free)

T3 (reverse)



Thyroid Antibodies (anti TPO and anti thyroglobulin)

After being tested you may technically fall in the “normal range”, but being on the low end of the “normal” range and experiencing all the above symptoms indicates there is something going on that your body needs support with.

The good news!? Nutritional therapy is a HUGE part of the plan to help your body heal from hypothyroid. My doctor has been guiding me on making slight tweaks on my own nutrition program and has been giving me tons of supplemental support during this process!

Why? Because gut health and blood sugar balance play a massive role in hormonal production and thyroid levels! It’s the first start to healing and the foundations of nutritional therapy.

For ways to start your healing utilizing nutritional therapy click here for a free consult!

Happy healing,

~Shannon Dolan

Owner of Health With Shannon, a Nutritional Therapy based business aimed at helping women thrive in life using nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset modifications.

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