Connecting to YOU

It is a crazy time in the world right now.

There is no doubt in my mind that you are feeling some sort of effects  from the Coronavirus outbreak.

With social distancing, quarantine, isolation, and all the emotional feelings that go along with it, it is a lot to deal with. 

I personally have never had so much downtime in my life. Aside from the occasional vacation that lasts a few days.

Actually, those days on vacation are normally jam packed with activities anyway, so yea, I have NEVER had so much downtime in my life.

When I first got the news that the gym that I work at full time was shutting down due to coronavirus I wasn’t surprised. I felt all the initial feelings of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty until I started to look  at it as a great opportunity to work on my own business.

The rollercoaster didn’t end there, the day after we got that news, we moved apartments. Then, we found out our internet wasn’t working and the earliest someone could come out was 4 days later.

So again, hello downtime!

While I have been able to be productive in other ways I have also realized that this is a beautiful time to reconnect with my body. 

I know what you might be thinking… reconnect with your body? Aren’t you, as a personal trainer and health professional,  always connected to her body?

Yes and no.

I do check in with myself on a daily basis regarding how I am feeling, how my body is moving, and if all systems seem to be firing properly.

However, I’m busy just like you! I run around from task to task, forgetting to eat, and being so tired at the end of the day that I just want to lay down and go to bed. So while I might have a few more moments then most to get in tune with my body, I still am not checking in as often as I should!

With the extra time I have on my hands now, I can say for sure that I am able to check in more frequently and it feels good! 

Which got me thinking… how many of us are actually disconnected to our bodies? Do people even know how to connect to their body?

Hence the idea for this blog!

I’ll be walking you through how to find connection to your body so you can begin to make changes in the way that you feel on a regular basis using my 3 foundations that make up my business: nutrition, movement, and mindset. 

How to connect:

I recommend spending a few minutes in the morning to begin this practice.

It works well with a 5-10 minute meditation.


  • Close your eyes and take a few deep cleansing breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Get settled in your space.


  • Next, do a body scan. Starting from the tips of your toes to the top of your head notice how every bit of you is feeling. Is there stiffness? Are your shoulders slumped? Hows your stomach feeling? Do you have aches and pains? Are you feeling light and energized?


  • All of these are great mental notes to take with you throughout the day, as well as, from day to day to notice any patterns.


  • After you open your eyes and complete your meditation it is a good opportunity to move around the areas that you noticed felt stiff, tired or achy. See if they can be wiggled out and continue with your morning.

I like to use a second mini check in during the afternoon. Particularly right before I eat lunch.

You should be in a parasympathetic, relaxed state to eat anyway, so you might as well practice this while you get relaxed.

For this particular body scan I don’t close my eyes but rather bring awareness to the spots that were bothering me earlier in the day and noticing if they are still causing me trouble. Or, if there is anything else that feels unusual, or good?


While you are winding down for the evening doing one final scan is a good way to assess the body and show gratitude for all it has done for you during the day. Are there any areas that feel calm and relaxed? Other areas that maybe feel overworked? Either way give your body thanks for making through another day and helping you with all you accomplished.

How to make changes in the body once you feel all the feels?

Nutrition: The most common area where people start to feel discomfort in relation to their nutrition is their stomach.

Stomach aches, bloat, cramps, constipation, heart burn, diarrhea, gas, all of these symptoms are ways that your body is trying to tell you that something is not right. (There are also a plethora of other symptoms that you can be feeling that are unrelated to your stomach but this is an area where most people pay attention to).

Keeping track of these symptoms is a great way to start being aware of patterns of your symptoms. For example, are you feeling bloated after every time you consume dairy? Chances are your body is sensitive to it. Finding these commonalities and putting yourself through an appropriate protocol is imperative to help say good bye to your symptoms.

It is important to remember that just because your friends and family experience the same symptoms, doesn’t make it “normal”.

Movement: Movement is a fantastic tool for both mind and body. I stated using things like wiggles and stretches to help loosen up any tight or heavy feeling areas after your body scan. You can also take it a step further and use movement to shift energy around, allowing you to mentally function at your best.

  • Some ideas: Dancing around when things feel heavy, doing a high intensity workout when you have some nervous energy you need to expel, getting out in nature for a run or walk to gain creativity and clarity. Really any method that you enjoy is beneficial. Finding consistent action with it is the best way for you to succeed.


Mindset: Of course your mind rules every feeling that happens in the body. Finding this connection with your body allows for you to develop a deeper insight into your mind. The body stores emotions in different ways within the body. Some can hold stress in the body leaving aches and pains on a consistent basis until the stressor is removed. In fact there are plenty of studies out there regarding the effects trauma has on the body. When the trauma is not dealt with it essentially gets “trapped” in the brain/body and manifests in different ways. Some people report chronic illnesses that symptoms can diminish once the trauma is consistency worked through on a mental level, and most times in a physical way.


First and foremost, if you know that you have experienced trauma in the past, or are currently dealing with a heavy situation I highly recommend going to see a professional to help. 

However, if you are trying to deeper your connection with your mindset it is the same techniques as gaining that connection with your body. Take the time to get present and notice the thoughts circulating in your brain. Are they negative, harmful, positive, helpful?

The cool thing about your mind is, if you don’t like the channel that is playing you can always change it. This takes practice, patience, and might require deeper help with a professional, but it is possible.

I challenge you to start using this time to get re-connected with your body. Start understanding what it is you are feeling, what your patterns are, and utilize the effective tools to help you move in a positive direction.

Don’t know that tools to utilize or exactly how to get you from point A to B? Make sure to email me at for a free consultation call.

Stay healthy and find a reason to smile today 🙂



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