Why Successful Coaches NEED Nutritional Therapy


I mean that!

Maybe I’m a little biased because I’ve gotten to interact with a ton of them lately and let me tell you, they are creating some incredible MAGIC.

I also know that all of these women are giving in 100% effort at everything that they do! Just trying to schedule a lunch date can sometimes feel like you’re trying to book an appointment with a celebrity! Three to six months later and you’re IN!

This is the stuff that I admire about the female entrepreneur:

  • They are resilient
  • Their brains are always searching for new ideas
  • They are incredibly creative
  • They are nurturing yet strong
  • They have this spark inside of them that shines bright when they do their work

It’s all pretty spectacular!

However, there is a dark side to the entrepreneur space that not a lot of women talk about. In fact I only understood this when I started my own business and could start having these raw and real conversations with other business owners about their struggles.

The stuff that no one talks about but is very much there:

  • Functioning at 110% every day, all day, leaving to feelings of burnout by the weekend
  • Skipping out on self care in favor of work
  • Running on caffeine to push through that afternoon crash
  • Hours sitting at the computer and forgetting to eat
  • Scheduling launches and meetings around your period because you know you’ll be knocked out for days
  • Knowing you can’t schedule things at certain parts of the day because of dips in energy or brain fog
  • Anxiety around lunch meetings out of fear of ordering something that will upset your stomach again… it’s the worst to sit there while your stomach is making tons of noise!

All of these above symptoms are ones that can kill your vibe, dwindle that light of magic, and get in the way of having your business flourish to the seven figure power house business I know you want! 

The good news? This doesn’t have to be something you just handle and deal with.

You CAN have periods with virtually no symptoms.

You CAN beat afternoon fog and have sustainable energy all day

You CAN eat foods without feeling bloated

You CAN have a brain that is crystal clear and allows for ideas to circulate through

You CAN still function at 110% but find ways to allow for some recovery to avoid burnout

How the heck do you do it?

Well, just like any business plan you followed to get to where you are, you need to start with someone that can get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

That particular journey will work best when it is customized to you! Just like how every business operates differently, the same thing can be said for your body!

What does YOUR specific body need?

A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, like myself, is trained to help you with exactly that.

I go in and find what systems in your body that can use more support then offer nutritional solutions to help you get there!

Here’s another thing I know, so far every single one of the women that I have worked with struggle with a blood sugar imbalance.

What this means is that these women are experiencing major fluctuations in their energy, and are also experiencing PMS. Both of these things can be major road blocks when running a business!

What you can do today to help?:

  • Eat balanced meals: you need to be consuming adequate protein, healthy fats, and fiber. You also need to be sure that you are eating enough! So many women I work with are under eating. This can lead to decreased energy, brain fog, and inability to recover. All of this can compound into more stress on the body. Ideally you should be shooting for the following percentages based on your total caloric consumption 30% protein, 30% fat, and 40% carbohydrates. Don’t know how many calories to consume? There are great resources such as the TDEE calculator and the calorie counter from Precision Nutrition.


  • Ditch processed carbohydrates: processed and refined carbohydrates cause a spike in your blood sugar which can lead to big dips in energy an hour or two later. It’s best to stick to natural carbohydrate sources that have plenty of fiber and nutrients, such as veggies, sweet potatoes, oatmeal, fruits. To help your blood sugar remain steady make sure you are combining your carbohydrates with a healthy fat and protein.


  • Limit caffeine: Coffee and energy drinks are often glorified in the business world. I get it, its nice to have a little jolt of energy to really get stuff done. However, over consumption can cause your adrenals to work in overdrive and throw your hormones off balance. Going for one cup of coffee a day and having plenty of water is key! Know that this may take some time to get used to, but after about a week you should be feeling better!


  • Hit pause: Stressed out but still running at full speed ahead? Ladies, you have to schedule in some time for regular rest. You know that saying, “you can’t pour from an empty cup,” it may sound cheesy but it’s SO true. When you run yourself on empty and are constantly in stress mode you can’t digest your food and your body and brain cannot repair. This can lead to serious implications down the line. It’s best to take pauses throughout the day during meal times, meditate, and if you are working out shoot for 1-2 days of recovery.


  • Start noticing patterns: Mindset truly is a huge piece to making any changes in your life. Often there are patterns in our behaviors that can either lead to success or set us back. Start being mindful of what areas in your life set signals of excess stress, the desire to over eat, negative self talk, or self sabotage. Bringing these to the forefront of your attention can help get this process out of your subconscious and into your conscious mind, allowing you to change the behavior. This area takes more time and will most likely need more involvement from a coach, but it can be helpful to start getting the wheels turning regarding this topic. 


Again, everything is dependent upon your specific needs but this is a fantastic place to start.

For more information make sure to check out http://www.healthwithshannon.com for a special program specifically for my female entrepreneur friends! 



One thought on “Why Successful Coaches NEED Nutritional Therapy

  1. Dear Shannon,

    Great topic for March and the month of women’s history. It’s also the 25th anniversary of a wonderful gathering of women in Beijing . Much has been done and there is so much more to be done to achieve equality Successful entrepreneurs are an example.

    Your honest assessment of the plusses and minuses is a real service . Love your grounded advice and continual emphasis on … body , mind , spirit.

    Your picture looks like you are in good balance.

    Just talked to your Dad and he tells me you are all headed to FL. for Wesley’s wedding. Have a safe trip and a wonderful time. Love to all of you.




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