Love Your Body ♥

February is here!

For me, this month is associated with two things. Love (because of Valentine’s Day), and people falling off the wagon on their New Years health goals.

So, I got instant inspiration to write a blog that dives into how to tackle your goals for the long term, while still loving your body! 

Find your REAL why:

Whether it’s in my own nutrition business or over the 7plus years I have been in the fitness industry, people tend to come to me with the goal of “I want to lose weight”.

My immediate reaction is… But, why? 

WHY do you really want to lose weight? There is always a deeper reason other then wanting to look good in a photo or a pair of jeans.

Once you start to think about your true why, you may also uncover an underlying feeling that you hope to get.

For example: Do you want to lose weight, or do you want to have enough energy to enjoy the company of your loved ones after a long day of work? Are you chasing a number on the scale, but in actuality you want to feel confident in your body?

Dig deep here! 

I should also note that if you are thinking losing weight will make you happy, it won’t.

Happiness is an inside job and its important to talk to a professional who can help you with that if you are struggling.

Restructure your inner dialogue: 

Our minds produce thousands upon thousands of thoughts per day.

Are your thoughts coming from an abundant mindset, or one of scarcity?

A scarcity mindset is one that sounds like restrictions, deprivation, and desperation. It tends to come from a place of fear and insecurity. When our thoughts are derived from this place it creates a negative experience and outcome.

On the opposite spectrum is an abundant mindset. This mindset sounds like possibility, gratitude, and opportunity. This mindset elicits a positive outcome.

When it comes to achieving something like eating healthier the way in which mindset you use to view this task is tremendously different.

Scarcity= I have to eat this meal because I’m on a diet.

Abundance= I get to eat this meal because it nourishes me and makes me feel good.

Scarcity= I can’t have that extra glass of wine because I need to lose 10 pounds.

Abundance= I’m going to have this cup of tea instead of wine because I’ll sleep better and feel more energized in the morning.

See the difference?

If you want to achieve a healthier lifestyle for the longterm you have to start shifting your mindset from one of scarcity to one of abundance.

Start practicing that today! Look at your food and movement practices as an opportunity to do something good for your body.

Get out of your head and into your body:

When you are making any lifestyle change, trying to improve yourself, or taking on something completely new, it can be easy to judge your progress against another.

Comparison doesn’t get you ANYWHERE. Judging yourself halts all progress. 

The moment you start thinking that your journey needs to look like someone else’s, is the moment where you get out of your own experience.

That brings you back down to square one of thinking that there are things such as quick fixes and one size fits all.

Each body is completely different and requires different things. If you want your end result to be for the long term, you should know that there will be plenty of ups and downs. It is up to you do have grace and understanding with yourself during the highs and at the lows.

If you find yourself scrolling through social media and are feeling discouraged by those that you follow, unfollow them. Look for accounts of people who are showing you the REAL ups and downs of their health journey. Remember that what people post on social media is typically their highlights, not their downfalls.

Find the thing you love about yourself:

We all have ONE thing that we actually love about ourselves.

It could be your laugh, your smile, the thickness of your hair, your legs, the positivity that radiates from you, or the way you can become friends with everyone. Maybe you have a particular talent like the way you can effortlessly play tennis, run a marathon, or those comedian type skills that always gets people laughing! There is at least ONE thing you love about yourself. 

Each time you find yourself getting down about yourself, remember there is someone out there wishing they had your ONE thing.

Don’t believe me? I bet you can think about ONE thing every women you admire has. Trust me, she can do the same about you.

Practice this EVERYDAY

Some days you can feel like Beyonce. Other days you could feel like you just crawled out of a cave. No matter how you feel, each day its important to keep yourself accountable and practice all that is outlined in this blog. The more you practice the more it becomes second nature.

My biggest hope for you is that you go through life doing things out of love for yourself… because I find you pretty spectacular ❤

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For a deeper understanding of what your body’s specific nutritional needs are email me at to learn about my online nutritional therapy programs. 

One thought on “Love Your Body ♥

  1. Dear Shannon,

    I’m way overdue in responding to … Love Your Body,

    It all dove tailed in a way with my presentation on Hope at the retreat on Feb.15. Part of it was reading the book , Hope for the Flowers. In it there’s a message of … Love who you are . Just this morning read a meditation about … Love that you are. It’s all connected isn’t it. ?

    Restructuring your inner dialogue … great. It reminded me of what we do in the mentoring program with positive mindset. Love that question … why ? The dig deep line is what Edward says to me when I say grace. Hope my family picked up the insights from that gift book … Happiness is an Inside Job. When Clare lived in the townhouse she was in a book discussion group on Happiness. There were so many ways of looking at it. Did you ever see that movie ,“Searching for Happiness”? Loved the word … searching.

    You can tell your blog took me places. Hope it works in a helpful way with your clients. All the best to you and them as you journey along.

    Love, Nanny



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