Nutrition and Thanksgiving (this isn’t what you think)

Thanksgiving is ONE week away! 

Whew the time has FLOWN by!

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. 

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It’s a special time where you can give thanks to the accomplishments you’ve achieved, express gratitude for those you love and truly appreciate the life you live.

Thanksgiving has also always been an interesting time for people in the health world. Especially when it comes to nutrition. 

People are anticipating all the traveling and stress  they will endure for this holiday weekend. Not to mention the stray from their consistent eating habits.

Most stress over the fact that their jeans may be fitting a little tighter the next day. Or are concerned that they will immediately lose all their gains at the gym.

There’s extra talk of juice cleanses and needing to go on a detox until Christmas.

Some coaches will tell you to “stick with it”, “get up and workout everyday you’re away”, “still go hard”… or some sort of phrase referencing something along the lines of those three.

However, I think that’s the wrong way to approach it. 

Last year I was diligently counting macros. For those of you that don’t know that essentially is making sure that the food you consume for the day falls within a certain amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Balancing the macronutrients helps your body utilize the fuel more efficiently and can result in you achieving the fitness goals you desire.

That same year I also accompanied my boyfriends family to Palm Springs. It was my first time going and I was so excited to be apart of it!  It was a beautiful trip filled with lots of activity on the golf course, fun with family and delicious food in the club house. (Still dreaming about that tuna poke bowl… yum.)

Golf in Palm Springs

Aside from all the fun memories,  I also remember being semi stressed out about hitting my macro numbers during that trip and feeling like I was failing every day. It was nearly impossible for me to stay within my ranges because I didn’t have access to the other foods I would typically have access to.

I also remember on actual Thanksgiving Day my  boyfriend and I deciding to not track our macros and instead enjoy the food. For him it made it like a free for all of eating all the desserts! For me, it meant getting to eat potatoes and not worrying about going over my carbs.

You read that right… I had to give myself permission to eat as many potatoes I wanted to help with the fear of failing and going over my allotted carb amount.

Looking back I wish I did things differently. 

I wish I gave myself more grace and stayed present in the moment.

Not worrying about the fact that I was eating too little or too much but rather just choosing the foods that I know my body enjoys.

I’m all for keeping track of what you’re eating, even on vacation, but there is a fine line between it being a healthy tool and it running your thoughts.

I wish I didn’t feel the need to overanalyze the method of how I was going to approach my eating every day. I wish I just allowed myself to be more intuitive and realized that if I just went with what my body felt like it needed and didn’t go overboard that I would be FINE.

This year I intend to do things differently.

I intend to spend more time laughing and making memories and less time worrying about my food.

I intend to still do all the healthy things I do every day but not beat myself up over if they were done to perfection.

I intend to focus on being present and in the moment.

Doesn’t that sound like more fun then staring at the MyFitness pal app and trying to figure out how my dinner would fit into those numbers?



Thanksgiving is a time to be THANKFUL. You don’t need to over eat, you don’t need to highly restrict yourself and you sure as hell don’t need to feel overwhelmed by FOOD.


ONE DAY is not going to destroy your progress.

ONE DAY is not going to make you gain 20lbs (also, do yourself a favor and don’t weigh yourself right after Thanksgiving or travel.. you will weigh more and it will probably be from water!)

ONE DAY with your family means A WHOLE LOT MORE then hitting your macros.

ONE DAY surrounded by the love of family means A WHOLE LOT MORE then what you will look like in your bathing suit.

So, do yourself a favor. Eat the way you have been, (probably real, whole foods with lots of color if you’ve been following my advice 😉 ), find moments to move your body and don’t be terrified to LIVE A LITTLE.

Your goals will be waiting for you to tackle them in the morning 🙂

Cheers & Happy Thanksgiving!


**PS when you are ready to get back into the groove, I have opened an additional 3 spots for new clients! Jump on that opportunity BEFORE the New Year rush!**

2 thoughts on “Nutrition and Thanksgiving (this isn’t what you think)

  1. Dear Shannon,

    I’m glad you encouraged your clients to … give thanks for food , family and friends rather than focus on the self. You and I have been at many a Thanksgiving together and know the joy of those precious times with loved ones. Enjoy your day with your Florida family and we will give thanks for all of you as we celebrate the day at The Irish Inn.

    Much Love and Gratitude , Nanny

    Sent from my iPad



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