All You Need to Know About Nutritional Therapy




I just went through the most intensive education I’ve experienced!

Yes, even more in depth then my Bachelors of Science in Nutrition.

Yes, even more intense then all the other certifications I have ever had (and if y’all have been reading for awhile, you know I have a lot of those!)

I just completed my Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification!

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Image from the NTA

This certification was a 9 month process created by the Nutritional Therapy Association.

During the 9 months I learned more about nutrition then I had in college.

  • I learned what common symptoms are really a sign of.
  • I learned just how detrimental the common nutritional beliefs can be in terms of your health. (Hint: low fat diets and trying to get rid of our stomach acid are two things that are wreaking our health.)
  • I learned just how much this current medical system is failing so many of us seeking to find answers to our health. (Note: always seek professional medical advice for severe symptoms first)

It was an eyeopening and beautiful experience.

But, I know what you’re thinking.

What the heck is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner?

Who we are: We are trained individuals that structure our assessments off of the foundations from the Nutritional Therapy Association. These foundations include digestion, blood sugar regulation, fatty acids, minerals, hydration and a properly prepared, nutrient dense, diet. We focus on what your body specifically needs and give individualized recommendations for you.

What we do: Basically, I get to help you solve the tricky puzzle that is your health through nutrition. Utilizing in depth questionnaires, food and mood journals and a hands on functional evaluation I am able to understand what your body is trying to tell you through the symptoms you are experiencing. From there we are able to give you individualized recommendations based on what your body is telling us. These recommendations are a foods first approach, meaning we’ll tackle your nutrition before adding additional supplementation. When we do add supplements they are from pure ingredients and heavily researched companies that guarantee quality.

What sets us apart: Not only do we have particular questionnaires that can be more in depth then most, but we have the functional evaluation. This evaluation analyzes feed back from your body through various palpations, assessments, muscle challenges and reflexes to see what correlating system may be in dysfunction. The more tender the area being palpated means the more dysfunction. We also utilize a very individualized approach to your healing process. Meaning, we look at what you specifically need and make recommendations based off of what we find.

Why you need us: The Standard American Diet (aka SAD), is one that is clearly failing us. Not only are our diets to blame, but the environmental stressors are adding an additional burden to our bodies. People all around us are experiencing crippling disease and fatigue that can be improved through making changes through the food we eat. (90% of all illnesses stem from poor gut health, which can be drastically effected by nutrition and medications.)

The difference between a FNTP and a nutritionist, dietician, or health coach: Now that you have a better idea of what it is Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners are about let me help you decipher the difference amongst the other categories of nutrition professionals.  (Note: this section is not to discredit any of the other fantastic health professionals. There are certifications out there that a person can get to make them more qualified then the other. ALWAYS do your research before working with any nutrition professional)

  • Nutritionists- This title in itself is not regulated in the state of Texas. Meaning, pretty much anyone with some sort of nutrition knowledge can call themselves a nutritionist. In other states where the regulations are a little more strict, Nutritionists are people who can give some nutritional information however they are not able to give any specific recommendations.


  • Registered Dietitians- These are licensed individuals who are able to assess, and give you nutrition advice. Majority nutrition professionals in the medical community are RD’s. There are typically more Western approaches toward nutrition in this community. These are fantastic resources for nutrition.


  • Health Coaches- This title can have a wide range of individuals under the umbrella. Similar to the Nutritionist title, depending on where you are will depend on how regulated the title is. There are plenty of certification bodies out there for the Health Coach certification. These individuals can give you some nutrition advice, however, depending on where you are located, they cannot give you specific recommendations.


I specifically decided to get trained as a FNTP over a dietician because of the philosophy that the Nutritional Therapy Association shares amongst their students. I enjoyed how they look at a person in a more holistic view with more traditional insights to health. As a person who looks at my current clients through holistic, individual lens this made the most sense to me.

It’s life changing work that I am thrilled to bring to my clients! (Insert testimonials)

So, now what?

I have started my own Nutritional Therapy based business to help guide people to a healthier life through their nutrition!

I have been working with a few clients and have been LOVING the process!

 I have two online programs that are structured in a way to give my clients exactly what they need.

The programs:

Master Your Health- This is a 3 month program that helps you understand the signs and symptoms that your body is trying to tell you through Nutritional Therapy. This program is heavily weighted toward nutrition with coaching calls also including lifestyle, mindset and movement.

Transform Your Life- This is a 6 month program designed to give you all the tools you need to completely change your life. Along with individualized attention to nutrition, you will also receive a personalized fitness program to follow, work toward mastering your mindset and allow you to uncover the person you’ve always wanted to be!

I’ve already been working with some clients and have been feeling FULLY aligned with my purpose and thrilled to continue this work!

With that being said, I’d LOVE to work with you! My programs are at a discounted rate until December 1! If any of this sounds interesting to you please reach out at


2 thoughts on “All You Need to Know About Nutritional Therapy

  1. Good luck with this . Hope you do well with Nutritional Therapy.

    That wheel like circle reminded me of the pie and it’s pieces that was used as an illustration of the body as a whole. The body, mind, spirit cannot be separated and I know you are fully aware of that. Look forward to the next time we have the opportunity to have a deeper conversation.

    Meanwhile , be well and stay well. Love, Nanny

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