Cheers to health! Cheers to mindset!

Let’s talk HEALTH and MINDSET.

I recently changed my instagram, website, Facebook, and even this blog name from a fitness focused name to a health focused identity. Why? Because I offer MUCH more then just fitness. Heck, even just scrolling through my previous posts I’m wondering how come I haven’t done this sooner? I offer tips on nutrition, Pilates, fitness and mindset… a plethora of goodness wrapped into one!

In honor of that I want to take this time to talk a little bit more about mindset and attitude.

I was recently lucky enough to win tickets to see Tony Robbins at his Unleash the Power Within event in Dallas, Texas this July. It was a perfect little 29th birthday gift from the universe to give me a sign that YES, I am meant for all that I envision in my life.

While I pride myself on being a regular self development and continuing education do-er, I was still surprised by the limiting beliefs I have been walking around with for years.


I know you’re probably wondering what they are, so I’ll allow myself to be extra vulnerable for a second and tell you. One was the common fear of not being enough. In particular for me it is a fear not knowing enough and feeling like I am too young to deserve success. Another is a fear of success, and that I will never be able to make the amount of money I want as a fitness and health professional.

You guys.. these are the thoughts I had buried deep inside me!

These are the things I was secretly telling myself that were hindering me from making it to the next level!

I was honestly surprised to learn that these fears.. especially fear of success was holding me back! Who has a fear of being successful!?!

Apparently A LOT of people do.

Thankfully I was also able to do a free coaching call with one of Tony Robbins master coaches to figure out exactly WHY those fears exist. I had no idea about this until this session but I apparently was holding onto some things from my childhood that allowed me to think that way about myself. I didn’t have any crazy traumatic episode, but rather it is from the way adults around you act, which can shape the way you currently perceive the world. As for the last one about the money and my profession, that limiting belief was put there by people who are supposed to be supporting me in my career. From coworkers and managers who act like its normal to live paycheck to paycheck and sometimes wonder how the heck you’ll pay rent this month. For all my fitness trainer friends reading this right now… YOU DESERVE BETTER! No, I don’t do my job for the money but I also need a place to live and food to eat! I could go into this further but may just save this one for a future blog! 😉

Anyway, back to limiting beliefs.

It is so valuable to do some serious soul searching to find out what is holding you back and rewrite the script for yourself. Step into your power and own it! Then consistently manifest your future!

What do I mean by this?

One habit that I have taken up includes journaling. Every day I do a meditation and gratitude practice followed by a journal session to train my mind to get what I want in life. Instead of writing down phrases like “I want to be successful” I start it out by “I am” or “I have” and visualize everything I want in life. I feel what it would be like to actually have those things as if its my reality. This helps train your subconscious to think that this is reality and in turn will cause your conscious mind to seek out the things that allow your reality to be what you dream.

8,000 people practicing gratitude and visualizing their dream life at Tony Robbins UPW Dallas ’19

A perfect example includes athletes who utilize visualization techniques. Conor McGregor, UFC champion, talks about how he used visualization techniques prior to matches and credits that part of his practice to giving him the edge he needed on his competition. (You can hear more of that on the Tony Robbins podcast).

I seriously LOVE starting my day with these little techniques. It only takes me about 10-15 minutes for all of it (7minutes for meditation with gratitude and the rest for journaling). I mean how could you not starting your day living exactly the life you want! That’s what this journaling practice is all about! It leaves me feeling fired up and ready to turn that into reality!… I’m literally getting excited thinking about it right now!

Doing my daily ritual of meditation, gratitude and journaling in Costa Rica

I don’t stop at just sitting around meditating and journaling. I plan ACTION and put that into practice. My personal goal is to own my own business geared toward getting the corporate world healthier through nutrition programs. Each day I do at LEAST 5 things that will help bring me to that goal. I reach out to companies, I study my craft, I listen to audiobooks about business, I network. Just like with fitness, making small, daily steps regularly equals a big pay off in the end. Typically by the time I get started on the 5 I end up knocking out well over that amount because you get inspired as you go! The key, I’m hearing over and over,  is to stick with it. While it might seem like a never ending road of “no’s” or non responded emails, I know that all I need is that one “yes”.

Think back to a time when you kept pushing and pushing, and believing in yourself until that one lucky day when your goal turned into an accomplishment. That is what keeps me putting fuel into the tank. Hell, I’ve run 2 marathons… I KNOW I can endure this! 🙂

I feel so lucky that I am able to know what my potential, but I know that so many don’t know their own. Not only potential in business and life but particularly in overall health.

That is why I really want to make known just how important mindset training is for everyone! You have to be thoughtful about how you talk to yourself, the language you use with others and the actions you do on a daily basis.

You have to believe with every bone in your body that you are capable of everything that you set your mind to… because you ARE! The moment you truly believe in yourself is the moment those things will start to happen for you!

Before this blog post turns into a huge cheerleading chant for you (which, I would totally do for you if you feel like you need a boost), I want you to understand that this blog, my instagram, Facebook, website, is all to help YOU find out what works for YOU. I am not here to make generic statements with pretty pictures and hope that I get likes. I am here to give you real tips on health that have truly helped me get to the next level mentally and physically.

So lets raise a glass (of a healthy beverage of your choosing)! And CHEERS TO YOUR FUTURE! It will look as bright and as beautiful as you want it to!

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One thought on “Cheers to health! Cheers to mindset!

  1. Dear Shannon,

    Congratulations on your new post … Health with Shannon ! I liked the expansion of Body , Mind, Spirit !!!

    As I read it I smiled broadly at a your AH , HA !!! moments . You have been walking around with that power within all your life. Reaching new levels of awareness of who you really are is wonderful. I rejoice with you.

    As you know I do a daily contemplative practice and it surely is transformative. It’s encouraging to know that people down through the ages, in different forms, from different cultures and traditions have found that Spirit within . With a new found openness you will find them … they will find you !!! Quantum en- tanglements galore may fill your life .

    When you are home next week I do hope there will be a time (even a short one ) to see you. There’s so much to talk about and if time is limited … we’ll just be excited and grateful !!!

    Love You, Nanny



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